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Acrylic  SOLD
Acrylic  SOLD
Studio Flowers: Oil
18x24  SOLD

Girl with a hat:  Oil              24x36  SOLD

Blue Shadow, York
16x20 SOLD

Strong:  Acrylic 48x48
Lunch in Parist two
Acrylic 36x32  SOLD
York PA  30x24
Orange Tulips  12x12 SOLD
Red Roses 11x14
acrylic framed $475
Super Moon: Acrylic
Black Eye Susans
Mixed Flowers:
Pastel  SOLD
Mix Flowers
Pastel SOLD
Mix Flowers
Pastel SOLD
Mix Flowers: Acrylic
York PA  SOLD  

Lunch in Paris one
Acrylic 36x32 SOLD
Red Roses
Acrylic 12x12 SOLD
Studio Kitchen, Oil 
SOLD 4ftx4ft
Studio Green Bottles 36x36  $1,500
JapaneseLanterns: Acrylic 16x12  $450

Green Lanterns: Oil
14x18 on paper  $95
Brenda Self 2: Oil
Brenda Self 1: Oil
Brenda Self 4: Oil
York PA: Acrylic
30x24  $1,900
Winter 2: Acrylic
12x12  $400
The Thicket: Acrylic
8x10 $250 
Green Pears acrylic 9x12 framed $400
Old Courthouse Dome
Acrylic 18x24  $850
Farquhar Park: Acrylic
11x14  SOLD

Japanese Lanterns: Charcoal  17x14  $75
Japanese Lanterns:
Conte 17x14 SOLD
B/W Acrylic: 18x24

B/W Acrylic: 18x24
B/W Acrylic: 18x24
B/W Acrylic: 18x24 
B/W Acrylic: 18x24
B/W Acrylic: 18x24
on paper
Brenda Self 3: Oil
Studio 8x8 acrylic SOLD
Summer Bouquet
17x24 Pastel  SOLD
Mixed Floweres in Conte 17x24 $95
Sunflowers Acrylic
B/W Acrylic 18x24 SOLD
B/W Acrylic
18x24 SOLD
Lady with a hat SOLD
Art is constantly moving and changing in Brenda's studio.. Stop by Just Brenda's Studio Gallery to experience what's new.
Studio Still Life
9x12  $350 acrylic
Studio Bouquet
Acrylic 24x36 $2,000

Beets, Acrylic on paper
16x24 SOLD

Beets, Acrylic
9x12  $375
Beets & Turnips, Acrylic
8X8 $300  SOLD
Peonies  12x12  $450
framed acrylic SOLD
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N.Beaver St York,
Acrylic 24x30  $1,700
The Cat , oil on canvas
4ft x 4ft  SOLD