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Three Olive Trees. Spain
Acrylic 8x8in $350

NEW French Canal          24x36 $2,200  SOLD

Studio with Red Chair
24x36in Acrylic $2,200

Tuscany, Italy
10"x20" $450

​City Scape 8x10
The Garden 12x12 acrylic $475
 The Park . Oil canvas
 24x36in $2,400 SOLD
Monet  Oil 12x16
​Chile, 30x30  Oil canvas  2,200 SOLD
Studio Kitchen, Oil 
SOLD 48x48
Studio Green Bottles 36x36  $2,200
NOLA Jazz  8x8 in
Cradle board SOLD
April Moon 2020
Oil 24x30  $1,500
Brenda Self 2: Oil
​24x36  $3,000
Brenda Self 1: Oil
Private Collection
Brenda Self 4: Oil
​11x14  $1,000
The Pier  Oil 36x24 SOLD

Green Pears acrylic 9x12 framed $400
Chicken Yard  Oil 
12x12  $450

Brenda Self 3: Oil
Private Collection
Cezanne Oil  12x16  $750
Vincent  Oil 12x16
Art is constantly moving and changing in Brenda's studio.. Stop by Just Brenda's Studio Gallery to experience what's new.
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Studio Bouquet
Acrylic 24x36 $2,200

Beets, Acrylic
9x12  $375
Willow Pond  36x36
Oil. Framed.  SOLD
City Bridge 8x10
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24x48 Steeple. Stacks. Domes. Peaks.SOLD
Sunflowers 24x30
$1,900 SOLD
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Matisse Oil  11x14  framed NFS
Nocturne One 9x12in NFS

View from the Park 4ftx5ft  SOLD
Acrylic  $6,000
Ocean Pier 24x36in
Acrylic $2,200
NEW Evening Beach Walk  6x6in   SOLD
Lake Sunset  SOLD
Self Portrait 12x30 NFS Prints Available
Summer Peppers 8x10
Beach Hats 11x14
Beach Hat 11x14 $500
City Park Evening Light  48x48  Acrylic
Ocean Sunset  SOLD
 Yellow Fields, Italy  36x48in $3,500
 Acrylic Canvas SOLD
Tuscany SOLD
Cafe View 
11x14in  $500
Unique  9x12in $400
Argentina Vineyard
9"x12" $400
City House York PA
11x14in  $500
Northern Spain 8x8in
Acrylic   $350
Northern Spain 5x7in
Wine Country  $175
Black White
drawings on archival papers
Owl One  $200
14x17in  Charcoal 
Owl Two  $200
14x17in  Charcoal
Owl Three $200
14x17in Charcoal 

Owl Four  $200
14x17in  Charcoal
Owl Five  $120014x17in Charcoal
 Beach Hat One $200
14x17 Charcoal
Beach Hat Two  $200
14x17  Charcoal
Beach Hat Three  $200
14x17  Charcoal
Studio 24x36 

Cantina York PA
10x10 Gouache SOLD
Orange and Lime
8x10"  $300
​Zinnias w Blue Bottles 9x12in SOLD
Zinnias w Japanese Laterns  8x10  $375
Sesonal Gatherings
Mix Media Matted SOLD
Studio Life 18x24

Tuscany 10x10in
cradle board SOLD
Tuscany View 30x40in $3,000
Amalfi, Italy 6x12in  $200 SOLD
Hay Harvest 10x10 $250
Bloom Crossing
9x12 SOLD
Hotel Yorktowne
3ft x 4ft Mix Medium
$4,000 SOLD
Stack of Dishes  12x30
Tuscany Italy 4ftx5ft
Domes and Peaks with Ecllipse  10"x20" $350