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Zinnias with Vintage Fan 12x22  Oil $650 SOLD

NEW French Canal          24x36 $2,200

Studio with Red Chair
24x36in Acrylic $2,200

Cinque Terre, Italy
18x24 canvas $850
Zinnias 12x12  Oil
The Garden 12x12 acrylic $475
 The Park . Oil canvas
 24x36in $2,200
Monet  Oil 12x16
​Chile, 30x30  Oil canvas  2,200
Studio Kitchen, Oil 
SOLD 48x48
Studio Green Bottles 36x36  $2,200
JapaneseLanterns: Acrylic 16x12  $450

April Moon 2020
Oil 24x30  $1,500
Brenda Self 2: Oil
​24x36  $3,000
Brenda Self 1: Oil
Brenda Self 4: Oil
​11x14  $1,000
The Pier  Oil 36x24 SOLD

Green Pears acrylic 9x12 framed $400
Chicken Yard  Oil 
12x12  $450

Brenda Self 3: Oil
Cezanne Oil  12x16  $750
Vincent  Oil 12x16
$750 SOLD
Art is constantly moving and changing in Brenda's studio.. Stop by Just Brenda's Studio Gallery to experience what's new.
Studio Bouquet
Acrylic 24x36 $2,200

Beets, Acrylic
9x12  $375
Willow Pond  36x36
Oil. Framed.  SOLD
Studio Window  11x14
Oil  $500
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Click on images to enlarge
N.Beaver St York, SOLD
Acrylic 24x30  $1,900
Chile:  Oil canvas
48x48  SOLD
City Park 30x40  Oil  $1,900
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Matisse Oil  $750 11x14  framed NFS
Nocturne One 9x12in
 acrylic  $475

Wolf Moon 8x10in
Oil  $375 SOLD
View from the Park 4ftx5ft  SOLD
Acrylic  $6,000
Ocean Pier 24x36in
Acrylic $2,200
NEW Studio Still Life
Mixed Media 24x36 
Heavy Paper $900
Lake Sunset  SOLD
Ocean Moon with Orange Birdhouse
11x14 $500 SOLD
Self Portrait 12x30 NFS
Summer Peppers 8x10
Beach Hats 11x14
  $500 SOLD
Beach Hat 11x14 $500
City Park Evening Light  48x48  Acrylic
Ocean Sunset  SOLD
Nocturn Two
9x12 Acrylic $475
NEW Yellow Fields Italy 36x48
Acrylic Canvas $3,5000
NEW Italian Villa 12x24
Acrylic Canvas $650
NEW Koi Pond 16x24
Acrylic Canvas Framed