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Farquhar Park

To acquisition art contact Brenda at 717 495 1353

in autumn
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These canvases were inspired by this years brilliant autumn in the  park.
"The hues were magnificent. The park is magnificent. It's Yorks own little Central Park".
The sizes vary from 6x6 to 11x14. 
These unique original one of a kind canvases are painted in acrylic and will last for generations.
Available now at Just Brenda Studio.

York City
Inspired by York City's Pear Blossoms this spring, Brenda begins a new series "City in Bloom".
This series will grow, so visit the site every so often to view the new arrivals.
10"x10"  $400
10"x10"  SOLD

8"x10".  $350

6"x6"  $125
6"x6"  SOLD
6"x6"  $125
6x6 Diptych  SOLD
6"x6"  SOLD
     other small canvases of York
6"x6"  SOLD
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More mini canvases coming!
Left Bank Trio, Acrylic & Oil  6x6  SOLD