Artist Brenda Wintermyer is taking her hometown of York, PA by storm. Her vibrant, high energy art has become popular in the York art scene making Brenda's art one of York's most recognizable.

Using the skillfulness of an illustrators hand, her linear work reflect the styles of Lautrec or Matisse. Her color palette followers van Gogh and the Fauve artists.

She moves, drips, pushes and manipulates her medium with the confidence of a life-time painter.  One art reviewer describes her approach to color as "absolutely fearless, not only bold but also brave," adding that her work is "unpredictable, unexpected, uncompromising".    Another review called a visit to her studio life-altering.

Brenda's collector base has been growing steadily. Undoubtedly one of York's most sought after artists, 
she is being commissioned by restaurant owners, international corporations and private collectors.

To commission art,     
contact Brenda at or call 717 495 1353.
Edge of Spring, Chianti Italy
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