Brenda teaches a variety of workshops throughout 
the year. Classes are private, one student per class and are taught to the level of each student.
Having taught at Bradley Academy,  Art Institute of York, PA and York College of PA for a decade, Brenda is  
now able to draw upon those teaching skills in the 
relaxed, intimate environment of her downtown York studio gallery.

Brenda's workshops have become popular with many, from beginning and emerging artists, to creative
minds looking to improve their quality of life. 
Her instruction has a strong emphasis on drawing, which then progresses on to painting.

"Competent drawing skills are the foundation of all art.
I can teach anyone to draw.... if they have the desire.
I teach my students how to see correctly. Once they learn to see, the drawing comes much easier."

"I am passionate about my art. Teaching my knowledge of drawing is extremely gratifying. The purpose has always been to empower and inspire all those who come to share my studio with me".

Brenda's studio in downtown York, PA has become
a place to gather, a place that crosses cultures,
colors and classes.

High school students needing help to prepare
for art school; college students back in town popping in for a visit; downtown working friends stopping by for a few words of encouragement and a cup of coffee; shoppers wondering up the steps just to see an artist studio;.....it's the place to be when you need a word of
encouragement or a listening ear. 

It is a sanctuary for many:
A place one always knows they are welcomed,
A place to share dreams, hopes and visions,
A place that gathers good souls.

Contact Brenda at justbrendaart@comcast.net or       cell 717 495 1353

Workshops cost $300
Workshops are scheduled for a 10 hour block.                   
Brenda will work around your schedule and she 
teaches all year long.

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12 year old learning more drawing skills
Retirement is finding time for himself  
Painting is Yoga for the Mind